[Character Concepts] Zodiac

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[Character Concepts] Zodiac

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All this started with a friend making a character for a mishmash RPG. Basically a goat woman named Caprica. This got them thinking 'hrm, well what if there are other people based around the zodiac?' then they pitched the idea at me 'what if the first person born under that sign takes traits on once they get out of diapers (since, well, having a baby Minotaur, or lion or whatever would be problematic.)' Then discussion moved along to the couple that aren't used Cetus and Ophiuchus. Led to a bit of a restructuring so each gets 28 days, Cetus falls on basically a leap-year so you'd only get one every few years, and Ophiuchus is just as uncommon but we never figured out why.

No idea If anyone can make any sense of this but figured notes are best shared in this instance so it doesn't get lost.

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Most can and often are either male or female. However some are female
only. Some are male only.

     Virgo, Cancer, and Libra are always female
     Leo, Ares, and Pisces are always Male
     Gemini are always a set of male and female twins. Identical
except for gender relevant characteristics.

     Leo, Taurus, and Scorpio are your most physical of the bunch.
Taurus being strength, Leo agility, and Scorpio being pretty much your
tank (lots of armor, but not very agile and unable to apply their
strength in ways Taurus can.)

     Aquarius, Cancer, and Sagittarius are more magically inclined
than the rest. Like Scorpio Cancer has high armor which means less
magic than the rest but able to take hits better. While Aquarius is,
mostly, human looking and therefore the least amount of physical
differences from most humans (meaning if it were a pure physical fight
they'd be up a creek) but to make up for that they have the highest
magic potential out of the zodiac.

     Element Affinity (from Wikipedia)
Fire        (Aries, Leo, Sagittarius)
Earth      (Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn)
Air          (Gemini, Libra, Aquarius)
Water     (Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces)
Even those listed as being more physical than magical actually use a
great deal of magic to augment their physical traits.

     Virgo is just as human as Aquarius so why isn't it in the magical
trio list? Sure it's strong in magic, but it's more of a lightning
bruiser than the rest, making up for the fact she has few physical
perks by the facts nobody tends to see her as a threat, and the fact
she has a near instinctive understanding of how and when to defend
herself (which pretty much serves to destroy the helpless maiden

     Libra is, debatable, even more a magical powerhouse than
Aquarius, but her magic is strange. Libra exist as a balance point.
She is only as effective as the situation requires to achieve a
stalemate (depending on what that would be that can be a Great thing
'negotiating peace' or really really craptacular 'getting stuck in a
tree but in no immediate danger of the bear eating you.) Their best
quality is to act as a mediator, they have a natural understanding of
balance and are great at finding a way to find a balance point between
two opposing views (such as Order and Chaos.)

Cetus and Ophiuchus
     Ophiuchus is an odd bird here. Most of the signs, even those that
are weak in magic, have an elemental affinity. This one is a pure jack
of all trades.Not great at anything but good enough at a lot of
things, enough that it's hard to tell who/what would win in a straight
out fight. They tend to be associated with snakes, and seem to show an
affinity for them. So are often associated with serpent cults (either
as priests or high ranking members.) Also, strangely, associated with
scholarly pursuits more often than not.

     Cetus is born on those days that have no month attached to them
(the whole process involving a lunar calendar rather than solar.) It's
hard to explain without going into the rest of the setting. Cetus
is... wild. Happens so rarely because it has to be a particular day
after a particular number of years at x time meaning you don't get a
Cetus every year. They're fierce, given to passions typically and
often vilified for the amount of raw power they wield along with being
associated with sea monsters and destruction. it's something that can
either define them as a person (as in they become the monster everyone
expects them to be) or they defy it (in spite of expectations they use
their strength and passions to help those around them.

Cancer and Scorpio
     Both, if fully manifest, are more or less plate armored save for
a few regions (face, lower abdomen/thighs. palms) This process isn't
all that apparent till puberty. Before then they will have bits and
pieces of armor here or there that will grow and flake off every few
months (scorpio's tail starts growing after they get to be about five
or six due to it's size being about as large if not larger than the
rest of their body,) Both are, arguably, the most discriminated
against of the group because of how inhuman they look (at least Leo,
Taurus, and such are MAMMALS... these two are practically living suits
of armor between molting.)

     Due to the whole covered in armor thing normally neither seem to
view clothes as all that nessicary outside of a kilt or skirt for
modesty. Between molting however they both look completely human, and
probably are sensitive to light, sound. Possibly a little clumsy since
with the armor gone their reactions are all wrong without the added

However as an advantage unarmored they are potentially the fastest out
of the lot IF they can work at it. Typically it's one month in three
while growing up, then a month out of every year once they're an adult
Unless there's pregnency involved then they stay human/unarmored for
the duration and for several months after.