Adept balance

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Adept balance

Post by IanPScheffler » Mon Aug 27, 2012 2:47 pm

There is a lot of talk on these boards about the balance of Adepts and elemental blast. I will be honest and say I haven't yet run a True20 game, but I have read the rules and will probably run my first game this very night.

My goal for my first campaign is to simulate the feel of the big players in fantasy fiction. For example, in Lord of The Rings Gandalf was up there swinging his sword with the warriors. While he may not have been quite as effective, he did more than his share. Granted big G was spirit being and he very well could have been a Warrior/Adept, but the idea is that he wasn't a one trick pony.

In addition, the crazy amount of magic thrown around in D&D makes the settings quite ridiculous. If a mid-level mage can drop a several ton wall of pure iron several times per day, why is there a mining industry? The number of disgruntled dwarves would be startling. So, the setting has to be low to moderate on the spell slinging in order to be believable at all.

How to go about doing this? I plan on increasing the Adept's combat bonus to that of the expert, but eliminating all the very high magic spells from the list. This would make a pointy hat wearing fellow regard his sword as something that has use, rather than never being able to hit anything as in standard d20. I was actually fairly surprised that this was left in True20 unchanged. In return, Teleport, flying, all those sorts of setting breaking spells would be removed from the spell lists (I would likely make custom lists like the ones in the Adept's Handbook.) The much discussed Elemental Blast would be cut in half (damage 1/2 adept level as seems to be the popular rule).

Your thoughts? Does this seem reasonable?