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Don't forget that Titansgrave has a number of new monsters (and one new PC race), and was written for FAGE.
There is this and I myself am working on a series of Documents I want to post here getting my take on certain adversaries. My series includes Celestial/Infernal beings, Otherworldly Creatures, Mundane adversaries, and even new types of Dragons and even tackling Flora.

It is going to take me a while (since I do all my own work) and I have only begun with the Preliminary stages of these documents.

I also want to tackle other aspects of the Game like Magic; including new Arcana and new Casting Methods and new Talents

I have previously done a TitansGrave specific House Rule document (Here). It doesn't include new monsters or anything but I am also working on Version 3 which will indeed include some as well as some Pre-Gen Characters as well.

To be fair, I like tinkering with the system myself and since they released a guideline for making adversaries in the companion, all of my adversaries in these aforementioned documents are going to be built using that set of guidelines (with some tweaks for aesthetics or concept)