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Thread: Searching for a card game

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    Searching for a card game

    Hi all, I知 trying to track down the rules for a card game I used to play with a group of friends while living in East Africa years ago. None of us remember the rules but it was taught to us by local friends who unfortunately I知 no longer in touch with. The game is kind of like a cross between Scat and Euchre - there are teams of two (we played with both 2 and 3 teams), it痴 a trick taking game and the total number of points in the game is 120, so we called the game 61. I知 pretty sure you only play with 10 and up and 7 is the high card.

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    Re: Searching for a card game

    You might try the Board and Card Games Stack Exchange and their Identify-this-game tag.

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