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Thread: Gm help: Money rewards?

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    Gm help: Money rewards?

    So i need assistance with rewarding players namely the value of art pieces and money. How much is little, mediocre and a lot of reward in monetary value? Does it change over the levels?

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    Re: Gm help: Money rewards?

    I want to say about 4 gold is what a peasant would see in a year. Rewards can vary - you just need to be able to get them to spend it on something.

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    Re: Gm help: Money rewards?

    For pieces of art, you can always examine the equivalent items that can bought or sold in the early computer games (not Inquisition, which only deals in gold). For example, 'Portrait of a Goosegirl' which is a gift for Sten, costs 11 silver.

    I agree with shonuff that it's more of an issue to make sure there is stuff for PCs to spend their money on - after armour they'll want access to potions, runes and magical kit.

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