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Thread: Why use a Medium Shield?

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    Why use a Medium Shield?


    I have a question regarding medium shields: Why would anyone ever use them, except when one couldnít afford a heavy shield? You need a Talent to use medium and heavy shields, but the Novice rank unlocks both at the same time. Heavy shields donít impose any disadvantage, as fas as I can see.

    Thanks a lot!

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    Re: Why use a Medium Shield?

    You're not missing anything--it's just the cost.

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    Re: Why use a Medium Shield?

    It is worth noting a few things:

    • Warriors who take Weapon and Shield Style at level 1 get a Medium shield for free.
    • Anyone who does not have Weapon and Shield Style only gets a +1 to Defense when wielding a shield, regardless of size.
    • Individual campaigns may restrict which shields are available for sale, or may have magic items that are specific shield sizes.
    • This can be a good middle-of-the-road shield to use for creating NPCs who need decent Defense, but not not have it go too high.
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