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Thread: Arcane Warrior & Telekinetic Weapons

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    Arcane Warrior & Telekinetic Weapons

    Would an arcane warrior who casts telekinetic weapons add twice his Magic score for his melee damage while in combat magic mode?

    Combat Mode: While in this mode, you add Magic instead of strength to your damage with melee weapons.
    Telekinetic Weapons: Affected weapons inflict bonus damage equal to your Magic ability.
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    Re: Arcane Warrior & Telekinetic Weapons

    I'd say yes, at a glance.

    The first is just a swap of ability scores, while TK Weapons is adding bonus damage that just so happens to have the same value of the ability score you're using.

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    Re: Arcane Warrior & Telekinetic Weapons

    They're different spells, so they'd stack.

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