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Thread: Titans/Doom Patrol live-action

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    Titans/Doom Patrol live-action

    I haven't seen the Titans show yet (not sure if I'll ever get around to the DC Nation streaming service, though season 3 of Young Justice is a temptation), but the trailers and episode reviews I've seen have done NOTHING for me. And apparently the Batman of their universe KILLED all the Gotham Rogues?

    Not where I expected Berlanti to go with the Titans.

    Oh, the DP teaser? Holy cow, the production values look sub-Dr. Who....and I mean, 1980s Dr. Who. Yikes.

    All my best.

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    Re: Titans/Doom Patrol live-action

    Titans has been really good so far. Better than the Marvel shows Netflix had by leaps and bounds. And after seeing them in action on Titans, I am stoked for Doom Patrol

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