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Thread: Keeping an Adept prisoner?

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    Keeping an Adept prisoner?

    So, the book states that using Arcana, while most of the time accompanied by hand gestures and other rituals that help the adept, does not really require it and an adept ultimately casts arcana out of sheer force of will.

    This begs the question... how can you impair an adepts powers in such a way that may keep them prisoner?

    This comes from an adventure I ran for my group, one of the adversaries was a Fire Shaper. They tried to keep bloodshed to a minimum, so the party subdued and tied their adversaries. Problem is, the Fire Shaper could technically still attack them by setting things on fire with his mind. Same goes for his ropes, the building he was in... etc.

    We resolved it by all agreeing that keeping tied and muffled was enough to reduce his danger enough till he could be turned over to the proper authorities, but the question kinda lingered.

    How do we keep an adept like that (or with other Arcana) a prisoner?

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    Re: Keeping an Adept prisoner?

    I think that the adept needs to see something to target it, so a blindfold might work. He could still set fire to the ropes, but setting something wrapped around you on fire is...unwise, at best.
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    Re: Keeping an Adept prisoner?

    The City of Aldis book mentions the use of shapers for public works like water/waste treatment. Those without that gift are given stones which grant them the associated arcana.

    There's also a Pacifying Stone (BRAGE, pg 325) which essentially acts as if the user had the Calm arcanum albeit with some limitations.

    Plus, the Ebban Mask (BRAGE, pg 371) grants several arcana.

    So, I don't think it'd be out of place if there was a Warding Stone.

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