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Thread: Dragon fight! (?)

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    Dragon fight! (?)

    In a campaign I'm running, I anticipate the possibility of one of my PCs gaining a dragon, and riding it into battle against Balerion the Black Dread (ridden by Maegor I). Obviously, the PC's dragon will be much smaller. I want to run a completely non-standard combat, using 3 dimensional space, cover (clouds), etc. Has anyone ever used rules for airplane dogfights that might be convertible? Alternatively, anyone up for taking a whack at creating these mechanics?

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    Re: Dragon fight! (?)

    The only dogfighting rules I'm familiar with is FFG's Age of Rebellion / Edge of the Empire rules. I think it would be a fair amount of conversion. The simplest way might be:

    1. Define the battlefield (Cloud cover, whooshing between tall buildings, etc.)
    2. Define distance between combatants
    3. Define dragon's default behaviors

    Have the rider use their action each turn if they want to change one of those things, IE get out of cloud cover, close the distance, breathe fire, evasive maneuvers...

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    Re: Dragon fight! (?)

    For your dogfight, you could use the facing rules from the Advanced Warfare Rules to get bonus while attacking from the flanks or rear.

    You could use a standard grid map to make your dogfight, but use a die to determine the altitude of each dragon.

    Furthermore, you could have the characters make Animal Handling tests to do maneuvers... For example, you cannot be stationary in flight and must advance at least 1 square to turn 45 degrees or rise/drop by 1 square in altitude on the battle map. If the dragon rider wants to do a sharper turn, he must do an Animal Handling (Ride) test vs a preset difficulty or even the dragon's Passive Will (older dragons have probably higher Will ranks, as they are more stubborn and independent, which may be an advantage for your PC) and each degree of success allow you to turn an extra 45 degrees or rise/drop 1 extra square in altitude.

    The same could be used for special maneuvers, with 2 or 3+ degrees of success allowing you to execute them, such as stopping suddenly and remain stationary, or a looping to find yourself behind the dragon right on your six, or a ram (as trample) attack or a feint / sudden sharp turn at the last minute while rushing towards an obstacle to make the pursuer get a collision, etc.

    Just a few ideas...

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