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Thread: (Interest Check) Worm game

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    Re: (Interest Check) Worm game

    It's not even that the characters were lower powered, it's that except in unusual cases the powers were very narrowly focused on a single theme or descriptor.

    One of my favorite powersets from the serial was Aegis, a mover/brute. Discounting his Flight, his ability was biological adaptability. He had so many biological redundencies he wasn't able to be killed other than massive body wide systemic trauma. Shoot him in the heart and another organ would take over until his heart repaired itself. Remove his eyes his skin would develop the ability to adjust to light and transmit that information to his brain via his nervous system.

    He didn't have superstrength per se, but his body could be constantly flooded with adrenalin, and he was impervious yo pain, so he could throw punches that would mangle his hand, tear muscle and ligaments and he'd just keep going.

    Mechanically that's some significant immunities, including critical hits, fatigue and pain, high levels of Regen, some Impervious Toughness to represent instant healing, and enhanced Strength, Toughness.

    However it's one of the most unique powerhouse type abilities I've seen, and I really enjoyed that take on a fairly common power set.

    Weaver Dice is a rough homebrew game system that emulates the Worm-verse power classifications and triggers for those interested in it.

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    Re: (Interest Check) Worm game

    Wow. The Worm story opened up entirely new concepts for superhero stories for me; it should make a great backdrop with a lot of drama.

    This is definitely the sort of thing I'd be interested in, although I doubt I'll be able to play even in early 2019. Still, I'm quite eager to see what sorts of powers and stories come about out of this.
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