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Thread: DA Origins Epilogue - adventure seed

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    DA Origins Epilogue - adventure seed

    I came across this epilogue slide and thought it was quite interesting - I think it occurs if Dagnar is taken to a spared Circle tower (but one that is not granted independance) - certainly the case in my world state. I think it is triggered regardless of who is King is Orzammar:

    This inspired mages from other parts of Thedas to establish a new Circle of Magi in Orzammar itself, one that had ready access to dwarven lyrium... and lies outside the Chantry's power completely. The willingness of Orzammar to harbor apostates sparked outrage that began whispers that the Divine was contemplating a new Exalted March.

    This could be the seed of the group who call themselves the 'College of Enchanters' that crop up in the later Trespasser epilogue.

    I think it's quite an interesting political development that could be inserted in many post-Origins campaign, either as background rumour or involved in various plotlines.
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