Early Champions
Be a Hero! This Early Champions Bundle brings you, for the first time anywhere, nearly three dozen newly scanned tabletop roleplaying game .PDF ebooks featuring the groundbreaking early rulebooks, supplements, and adventures for Champions, The Super Roleplaying Game from Hero Games. This giant all-new offer (one of two now in progress) presents every book for the First (1981), Second (1982), and Third (1984) Editions of Champions. These two Hero offers make dozens of books available in .PDF for the first time anywhere.

For just US$14.95 you get all thirteen titles in this offer's phenomenal Core Collection (retail value $73.50), including the Champions core rulebook in its First (1981), Second (1982), and Third (1984) Editions (plus the introductory adventure "Viper's Nest" and the original hex-map); the jam-packed rules expansions Champions II and Champions III; no less than five collections in the popular Enemies series (I, II, III, International File, and Villainy Unbound); the Gadgets book of weaponry and equipment; and the Gamemaster Screens for First and Third Editions.

And if you pay more than this offer's threshold price of $29.97, you'll also get this offer's entire Bonus Collection with fourteen supplements and adventures worth an additional $110:

Three famous genre sourcebooks: Strike Force and Super-Agents by Aaron Allston and The Golden Age of Champions (the version for Champions Third Edition) by Chris Cloutier
Five Organization Books: PRIMUS and Demon, The Blood & Dr. McQuark, The Circle & M.E.T.E., CLOWN, and Red Doom
Four early adventures for First and Second Edition: The Island of Dr. Destroyer, Escape From Stronghold, Deathstroke, and The Great Super-Villain Contest
Eight adventures for Third Edition: Atlas Unleashed, The Coriolis Effect, Neutral Ground, Scourge From the Deep, Target: Hero, To Serve and Protect, VOICE of Doom, and Wrath of the Seven Horsemen
Autoduel Champions, the licensed supplement from Steve Jackson Games that combined Champions and Car Wars.
And Early Heroes
A two-headed Hero! This all-new Early Hero System Bundle is one of two offers, running in parallel, that bring you newly scanned .PDF ebooks featuring the early years (1981-87) of the tabletop roleplaying game lines from Hero Games. With this spectacular offer you can get all five of Hero's non-superhero RPGs, together with all their supplements and adventures. These Hero System games are compatible with the many titles in our companion offer now in progress, Early Champions, which presents the three early editions of Champions, The Super Roleplaying Game. These two Hero offers make dozens of books available in .PDF for the first time anywhere.

For just US$12.95 you get all the complete standalone RPGs in this offer's Game Collection (retail value $52.50) as DRM-free .PDF ebooks: Espionage!/Danger International (plus the introductory adventure "Merchants of Terror"), Fantasy Hero First Edition, Justice Inc., Star Hero First Edition, and Robot Warriors.

And if you pay more than this offer's threshold price of $27.98, you'll also get this offer's entire Supplement Collection with eleven supplements and adventures worth an additional $77.50:

Three Justice Inc. books: Aaron Allston's pioneering lost-worlds campaign supplement Lands of Mystery and the two-fisted pulp adventures Trail of the Gold Spike and The Adventure of the Jade Jaguar.
Five Espionage!/Danger International books: Border Crossing, Here There Be Tigers, Mugshots 2, SHADOW Over Scotland, and the Origins Award-winning campaign sandbox by Michael A. Stackpole, Stormhaven.
Three Fantasy Hero supplements: Mythic Greece: Age of Heroes, Magic Items, and The Spell Book.
The original version of the Hero System Bestiary, written for the pre-Fourth Edition rules. (We presented the 4E version of the Bestiary in our April 2017 Champions 4E Essentials offer.
Robot Gladiators, the sole supplement for Robot Warriors.