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Thread: Freedom League 2020 (Recruiting ends, Nov 21st)

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    Re: Freedom League 2020 (Recruiting ends, Nov 21st)

    Quote Originally Posted by Plan B View Post
    I'm trying to post at least weekly, but i'm currently on nights and they are hitting me harder than expected. So if i'm late that's why.

    They shouldn't last more than a couple weeks and hopefully my pace should pick up after that.

    @ Zen Gypsy: While i usally pretty permissive with power stunts, i'm going to point out thats a lot quicker than Impervium can actully move which doesn't sit right with me. If you want to boost ship i'm fine with that, but not that much faster than you.

    @ WheelJack: Doc Quantum only has Strenght 1 there are going to be alot of people she's not going to be strong enough to carry and dragging someone at that speed seems unsafe.
    True, so spending a hero point on Extra Effort on her strength! That should get most people out. Or at least more!

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    Re: Freedom League 2020 (Recruiting ends, Nov 21st)

    I was looking forward to this game, and the interactions of the various players, any idea where we stand at this point? It's been significant time since we last had an update :/

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    Re: Freedom League 2020 (Recruiting ends, Nov 21st)

    Plan B had said his work schedule is wrecking him and he'd try for weekly posting, but that doesn't seem to have really been happening. But he's not been active elsewhere on this board either, so I don't think he's dropped this game fully just yet.

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