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I'm trying to post at least weekly, but i'm currently on nights and they are hitting me harder than expected. So if i'm late that's why.

They shouldn't last more than a couple weeks and hopefully my pace should pick up after that.

@ Zen Gypsy: While i usally pretty permissive with power stunts, i'm going to point out thats a lot quicker than Impervium can actully move which doesn't sit right with me. If you want to boost ship i'm fine with that, but not that much faster than you.

@ WheelJack: Doc Quantum only has Strenght 1 there are going to be alot of people she's not going to be strong enough to carry and dragging someone at that speed seems unsafe.
True, so spending a hero point on Extra Effort on her strength! That should get most people out. Or at least more!