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Thread: Combat Woes

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    Combat Woes

    A player today complained that combat runs slowly. We're all new to the system (session 3 just ended) so that may be part of it, but familiarity will only speed it up so much.

    How do you balance this?

    I was wondering about occasionally running combat as an advanced test. They could add their weapon damage to their roll to meet the TN. Mages could maybe spend mana to increase their Dragon Die result up to 6. Two mana per pip?

    I can also arrange to have fewer, more important encounters. I made a partial thaig and in it were only two certain encounters and two possible. They hit all four so the entire session was basically combat nonstop, which might be contributing to the player's complaint.

    I just figured I'd bring the concerns here for thoughts.


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    Re: Combat Woes

    Different playing groups can certainly have different playing styles - some prefer combat, other prefer roleplay of investigation. Certainly, the maximum number of combat I have in a session is one big one (usually a finale) and a couple of smaller ones. One thing you could do is introduce the 'minion' rules from the FA Companion - these bring in the 'critter' type foes from Dragon Age 2 computer game, that can be quickly overcome with the spending of some stunt points. For secondary combat encounters, they really speed things up.

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    Re: Combat Woes

    I increased damage (and all dice pools) to d10, while keeping HP the same. Another thing I did was change mook SP:

    1-3 SP -- Mighty Blow
    4-5 SP -- Lethal Blow
    6 SP -- Mighty & Lethal Blow

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    Re: Combat Woes

    My group ended up lowering all Armor ratings, and the health pools of players.
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    Re: Combat Woes

    Getting used to the combat pacing has been tricky. I have a small group with three players so gauging what combat encounter they can handle and presenting it in a fun way is tough. I threw three Genlocks at them (they're level 4) and wound up cutting their HP in half, their armor by 2. Everyone took damage, everyone felt challenged, resources were expended and it didn't feel like it was a speed bump, bailing them out, or a waste of anyone's time.

    What I can do for my group is try to draft alternative combat goals. Before planning a fight, I ask, what is the point of the fight and if it's just to have a combat encounter, like the genlock fight above, maybe cut it back. If there an objective other than "reduce all foe HP to zero" that will give the PCs something to do other than blasting each other side by side.

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    Re: Combat Woes

    My players got very good at utilizing Telekinetic Weapons to boost their damage to the stars, so I had to work to keep up with damage output from the PCs. More damage from the players makes them feel heroic and makes combats go a little faster, and throwin some nasty damage their way can keep them guessing.

    I actually had to make my Spirt Healer a unique magic item to improve the amount she was healing, because it wasn’t keeping up with the damage the NPCs were putting out.

    It helps if you have access to the PCs’ character sheets to make some educated guesses, or just to jot down their average damage and Defense scores.
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