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Thread: Combat Woes

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    Re: Combat Woes

    I'll add that one of my players got the idea to draft a list of go-to stunts and combos on her own. She liked the lists in the FA Companion, though, because they gave her more ideas.

    I'm currently leaning toward updating the stunt sheets by Dragon Die number and listing each individual stunt and combination of stunts that equal it. If I end up doing so, I'll share it here.
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    Re: Combat Woes

    Quote Originally Posted by PlatinumWarlock View Post
    Yeah, it's great for every combat to have *some* environmental element for the characters to interact with, but it's just not always feasible. As such, it really behooves players to pick some stunts as 'favorites. And, even more so, it behooves the GM to really know the stunt system well enough to be able to offer suggestions as the need arises.

    And, lo and behold, those manifest very neatly as 'stunt packages'. Something as simple as "Pierce Armor + Mighty Blow = 4 points" makes for a really quick way to streamline combat, especially when dealing with new players or players who have analysis paralysis. Or, for someone who likes making multiple attacks, "Skirmish + Lightning Attack = 4 points". I really fail to see what the drawback might be to coupling a few favored stunts together...
    There isn't really a drawback, per se. There's just no benefit, either. If you're not familiar with the stunt system, then you'd still have the issue of stunt paralysis - but now from two sources. If you are familiar, then there isn't really a point.

    So in infinite space, the stunt combos are ok. But in a restricted space like a printed companion book, imo that space could have been used for something else: additional stunts, spells, talents, etc.

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