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Thread: Question about Race Templates

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    Question about Race Templates

    In the Freedom City book the Ultimen template is marked as costing 100 PP. I read through the errata for the book and did not see this corrected, so to me that indicates I am missing something since the template provides 122 PP worth of bonuses.

    40 PP of Attributes (Strength and Stamina)
    04 PP of Skills (8 skill points in History)
    01 PP Advantages (Jack of All Trades)
    77 PP Powers ( Mental Communication 2, Comprehend (Languages) 2, Flight 7, Energy Control 10, Regen 5, Immortality 5, Immunity 12, Power Lifting 4)
    122 PP total

    Are templates supposed to be based on the cost of what they provide, or are they supposed to provide a savings of some kind?

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    Re: Question about Race Templates

    Yeah, that looks like just errata.

    It'd be easy enough to tweak it down to 100 points, mind (just fold the Energy Control into an array with the Enhanced Strength and you're well on your way), but that's way more than 100 points, as is.
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