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Thread: Using Fantasy AGE to play OSR modules

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    Using Fantasy AGE to play OSR modules

    Hi folks.

    I want to run Fantasy AGE using OSR modules (such as the excellent free modules available for the Basic Fantasy RPG). Iím also planning to make the game a little more lethal by having hp increases by CON bonus only, lowering adversary hp as well, and adding the stunt due to the damage.

    Have any of you run old school D&D modules or OSR modules with FAGE?

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    Re: Using Fantasy AGE to play OSR modules

    I have! I've converted a few, but they were all in a notebook (though I could transcribe I guess). I've been playing mostly Modern AGE recently, though, but I think I would just use the gritty mode for OSR style gaming with Fantasy AGE in the future

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    Re: Using Fantasy AGE to play OSR modules

    I've converted the old adventure module from DnD 3.5, The Sunless Citadel to FAGE. I also used this site:

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