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Thread: Elementalist specialisation spells

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    Elementalist specialisation spells

    The Elementalist specialisation is one that exists for the mage Rion, who is a playable Inquisition Agent in the computer game's multi-player mode. I'm going to be introducing it to my campaign, and had been pondering the construction of an unofficial specialisation. Luckily, Kot the Protector invented one that is available on his excellent Wonders of Thedas website - see it here:


    Now that I'm a bit more experienced as a GM with this system though, I note that for most official specialisations (Keeper, Force Mage, etc), the benefits are either a special ability, or an additional spell - not both. What can also occur is that certain spells are unlocked, though not automatically awarded to the PC.

    With the addition of the Fantasy Age Companion, we now have a couple more spells that fit with the Dragon Age (Inquisition) world, that I intend to allow an Elementalist to unlock. I am also modifying a current spell in the rulebook, changing it to a Primal spell in DA Inquisition that has an identical effect. Each of these unlockable spells features a different element - Ice, Fire and Electricity. Any feedback on my proposal would be more than welcome!

    Ice Mine
    Magic School: Primal
    Requirements: Elementalist specialisation (Novice)

    In all other respects, this features exactly as the Glyph of Paralysis, except that it 'freezes' an enemy in place rather than paralyses them.

    Static Charge
    Magic School: Primal
    Requirements: Elementalist specialisation (Journeyman)

    This has the same effects, cost and target number as the Shocking Shield spell from the new FA Companion.

    Wall of Fire
    Magic School: Primal
    Requirements: Elementalist specialisation (Master)

    Same effects, cost and target number as the spell of the same name from the FA Companion.

    Any thoughts? Should the spells be awarded automatically at the relevant levels, or have to be bought? What do people think of Kot's Elementalist specialisation, linked to above - should it reward PCs with an extra spell as well as extra abilities at each level?

    I'd be happy for the subject to be pondered further on the Wonders of Thedas podcast, as it also covers the recent discussion that featured on it, regarding incorporating elements of the FA Companion...
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    Re: Elementalist specialisation spells

    Personally, I'm fine with both the spells and benefits unless either is significantly powerful. In general I think DAGE mages could use more spells, mainly because as you level and start a new tree, you start at the beginning. Take a mage wanting Fireball at 10ish having to get Flame Blast. That's a pretty useless spell at level 1, but at 10?

    I don't have the FAGE Companion, so I can't comment with specifics. However, I find that generally FAGE spells are weaker than their DAGE counterparts.

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