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Thread: Creating a Riverlands House

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    Re: Creating a Riverlands House

    If my map-reading serves me at all, I think there is a bit of coast on the West side, near Old Stones, and a tiny bit on the east just before Maidenpool. Does that count? (Sorry if I have missed something super obvious and am a dolt).

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    Re: Creating a Riverlands House

    Well (if you not already have increased it) there is of course also the Cape of the Eagles region.

    We also included most the south-eastern coast of the Bite (between the Neck and the Mountains of the Moon) into the Riverlands but this is up to debate - at least one time this area was shown as part of the Vale.

    Also, beside lots of the southern coast of the Bay of the crabs (Maidenpool is part of the Riverlands after all) there is also the western part of northern coast of the Bay of tha Crabs (the harbour city Saltpants is part of the Riverlands as it is Port Maril from the Campaign Guide which is located on the opposite bay-side of Maidenpool), while Cracklaw Point on the other hand is part of the 'kings lands'.

    So there is enough space for a Riverland-house with a coastline I think...

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