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Thread: Blue Rose Dreams

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    Blue Rose Dreams

    I will be doing a series of ideas I am doing for a Blue Rose game. Unfortunately, for as much as I love to play, I cannot get anyone who wants to play. I will be doing settings, places, ideas, characters and adventures that I would so much love to do. So I get my gaming done by writing them out.

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    Re: Blue Rose Dreams

    The Carnival of Shadows

    The Carnival is a roamer tribe that makes its living as a travelling carnival. They are not a typical carnival however. Their main specialty is that of a more sensual nature as they are filled with Inamoratas as well as other things of a more adult nature. They are travelling with the Travelling Court when it is in session, otherwise they travel among the prominent cities of Aldis.

    The sheer amount of information carried by the Inamoratas about their clients, they are targeted by targeted by bandits, highwaymen and kidnappers. While they do not know it, they are often followed by a small team of the Sovereign's Finest to guard against such people. Not that they need them as they are quiet resourceful.

    Recently, the Carnival of Shadows have gone through a change in leadership. The elder was once a powerful adept named Ushron Vale. Secretly he was a sorcerer who used the Carnival to gather information on the powerful nobles who would go to them because of the Inamoratas. Ushron was finally found out and in a battle he was wounded and retreated. Thanks to Kyia, Alshaveron and Drissa (with Verbena), they were able to talk to Tane and Tace to betray Ushron.

    Most of what happened was kept a secret, otherwise the Carnival would be finished. Half of the Carnival left, either with Ushron or in shame or disgust. They underwent changes. They took on a triumvirate of elders and counselled by the Peacock sisters. They have gotten new Inamoratas and acts to distance themselves from the old days of Ushron.

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    Re: Blue Rose Dreams

    The Carnival of Shadows

    Alezis. Human (Roamer), Aldin, female. Inamorata. Married to Shanno.
    Alshaveron. Rhy-bear, male. Contemplative and philosopher and teacher. Teaches the children. Part of the triumvirate.
    Altodar. Human (Aldin), Roamer, male. Adept. Shaper. Married to Rennough.
    Blue, Moon, Silver and Tea. Fey-sprites (pixies), female. Kyia's attendants
    Braysha. Centaur female. Adolescent of great renown.
    Brennick. Human (Roamer), Roamer, male. Warrior. Roustabout
    Buaccano. Human (Roamer), Roamer, male. Warrior. Roustabout, archer
    Casdouri. Human (Adin), Aldin, female. Adept. Shapeshifter
    Cethera. Human (Roamer), Roamer, female. Inamorata.
    Ciena. Night-person, Roamer, female. Expert. Bard
    Contina. Human (Roamer), Roamer, female. Woodcarver's apprentice
    Cordusio Peacock. Human (Roamer), Roamer, female. Adept. Seer and visionary, youngest of the Peacock Sisters.
    Coriss Sin. Rhy-cat, female. Inamorata. Has pure white fur.
    Crastyus. Centaur, male. Expert. Blacksmith of great renown. Part of the Triumvirate
    Cuthbrian. Human (Roamer), Roamer, male. Adept. Meditative
    Danrico . Human (Roamer), Roamer, male. Woodcarver
    Doran. Fey-reveler (satyr), male. Bodyguard to Kyia
    Dranenthal. Human (Roamer), Roamer, male. Baker. Married to Yannil
    Drissa. Human (Roamer), Roamer, female. Adept. Emmanaugh's young apprentice animist. The only one who can talk to Verbena and control it, though she doesn’t see it as controlling
    Ellathenia. Seafolk, Outcast, female. Adept. New to The Carnival. Does an underwater dance, supported with illusions that is a sight to behold.
    Elnan. Human (Aldin), Outcast, male. Warrior. Roustabout. Plays a hand drum
    Emmanaugh. Human (Roamer), Roamer, female. Adept. Animist. Part of the Triumvirate
    Emraile. Human (Aldin), Aldin, laevaal (f). Submissive. Inamorata. Looks young but is of age. Mohrgan's pet.
    Fathe. Human (Roamer), Roamer, male. Warrior. Senior roustabout. Married to Emmanaugh
    Fethri Peacock. Human (Roamer), Roamer, female. Adept. Seer and visionary, second of the Peacock Sisters.
    Forin. Fey-reveler (satyr), male. Bodyguard of Kyia.
    Gileti. Human (Aldin), Roamer, male. Inamorata
    Granrotiel. Human (Roamer), Roamer, male. Jeweler's apprentice
    Hisstya. Rhy-snake, female. Adept. Dances with Khouri with whom she has a Rhy-bond
    Huno. Human (Roamer), Roamer, male. Shepherd
    Isalkine. Human (Forest-folk), Forest-folk, male. Warrior. Roustabout, archer.
    Jaimsel. Human (Roamer), Roamer, male. Adept. Healer
    Jolli. Human (Aldin), Aldin, female. Inamorata
    Kedi. Rhy-weasel, male. Expert. Thief. Has a Ryy-bond with Tace (and by extension Tane)
    Kennayle. Human (Roamer), Roamer, female. Dancer
    Khouri. Human (Aldin), Roamer, female. Dancer. Dances with Hisstya with whom she has a Rhy-bond.
    Koarso. Night-person, Roamer, male. Warrior. Roustabout
    Kyia. Fey-noble, female . A minor noble among the fey.
    Lethia. Human (Roamer), Roamer, female. Jeweler's apprentice
    Lohrn. Human (Roamer), Roamer, male. Inamorata
    Mekaino. Human (Kern), Kern, male. Warrior. Roustabout. Second biggest guy in the Carnival
    Melysa. Centaur female. Expert. Sharpshooter. Crastyus's wife. Archer of great renown
    Moaka. Human (Aldin), Roamer, female. Expert. Martial artist
    Mohndra. Human (Roamer), Roamer, female. Dancer. Married to Shovinath
    Mohrgan. Human (Aldin), Aldin, female. Domme. Inamorata
    Nardoun. Human (Roamer), Aldin, male. Adept. Meditative
    Onderiel. Human (Roamer), Roamer, male. Warrior. Roustabout
    Ordrithan. Human (Roamer), Roamer, male. Blacksmith's apprentice
    Orlina Peacock. Human (Roamer), Roamer, female. Adept. Seer and visionary. Eldest of the Peacock Sisters
    Piao. Human (Roamer), Roamer, female. Shepherdess. Plays the flute
    Quilee. Human (Roamer), Roamer, female. Submissive. Inamorata
    Ranssildar. Human (Roamer), Roamer, male. Warrior. Roustabout
    Remi. Human (Roamer), Roamer, female. Baker's apprentice. Piao's best friend
    Rennaouh. Human (Aldin), Roamer, female. Adept. Meditative. Married to Altodar
    Rhyan. Human (Aldin), Aldin, female. Submissive. Inamorata
    Rococo. Human (Roamer), Roamer, male. Expert. Beastfriend, animal trainer
    Ryaldo. Rhy-racoon, male. Expert. A rascal, scamp and thief. Is the Alshaveron's best friend or so he says. Likes to follow other Rhyadin around, big Rhyadin.
    Ryotan. Human (Aldin), Aldin, female. Leatherworker. Married to Tonlass.
    Shanno. Human (Aldin), Roamer, female. Adept. Healer. Married to Alezis.
    Sharal. Human (Aldin), Roamer, female. Warrior. Roustabout, archer. Married to Welbrin.
    Shovinath. Human (Roamer), Roamer, male. Adept. Shaper. Married to Mohndra.
    Tace. Vata'sha, Outcast, laevaal (f). Adept. Tane's twin and bodyguard. Extrovert
    Tane. Vata'an, Outcast, female. Adept. Psychic. Introvert. Was the apprentice of the sorcerer, but she betrayed him.
    Tannrathi. Human (Aldin), Aldin, laevaal (s). Inamorata. Androgynous, looks beautiful to both men and women.
    Temnial. Human (Roamer), Roamer, female. Warrior. Roustabout
    Timotahn. Human (Roamer), Roamer, male. Blacksmith's apprentice
    Tonalith. Human (Roamer), Roamer, male. Cook's assistant
    Tonlass. Human (Roamer), Roamer, male. Submissive. Inamorata. The tallest man in the Carnival at 6'6". Has the heart of lamb. Married to Ryotan
    Urseala. Human (Roamer), Roamer, female. Leatherworking apprentice.
    Vacco. Night-person, Outcast, male. Warrior. Roustabout
    Veci. Human (Roamer), Roamer, female. Expert. Spirit dancer
    Verbena. Wood elemental. Follows Drissa around.
    Welbrin. Human (Roamer), Roamer, male. Jeweler. Married to Sharel
    Wenro. Human (Roamer), Roamer, male. Shepherd
    Yannil. Human (Roamer), Roamer, male. Cook. Married to Dranenthal
    Yenissa . Centaur female Warrior Melysa's younger sister. Warrior of great renown. Carries a great variety of weapons.

    13 children under 12
    5 children, 12-16

    29 wagons, 100 horses, many sheep, goats, dogs and cats

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