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Thread: Phantom Thief Development Thread

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    Re: Phantom Thief Development Thread

    Quote Originally Posted by Elodin View Post
    Not at all, i just adapted the idea from Weapons Master in the core book

    Btw, your team gonna be more a Mission Impossible/Selina Kyle Style with infiltration and they never even knowing you guys were there (Try at least haha) or a Now You See Me were you make a show of it?
    Somewhat of a mix between the two. If the Kliwon Squad (that's the team name) makes it in and out unnoticed, they'll leave their symbol spray-painted on where the stolen object was. If they were seen, they'd make a daring and extravagant escape.

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    Re: Phantom Thief Development Thread

    Quote Originally Posted by Kimera757 View Post
    That's also Precise Damage, and Limited to creating circles in flat panes (you can't Damage a glass statue with it). Or maybe it Transforms panes into panes with holes.

    I don't think stats are needed for it. Feature: creates holes in glass panes; Subtle.
    Feature sounds good, though my first thought was a limited form of Burrowing 1 with subtle.

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