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Thread: In the Shadow of Imperator: From the Ashes Rise

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    Re: In the Shadow of Imperator: From the Ashes Rise

    Peter Ezima
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    Peter was fitted than Dr. Kripke, or at least thanks to the running and hiding since Stronghold came in had given him a temporary boost of stamina. His disguise was similar to Diego's but Peter carried no weapons, merely tools he might need for the electronics, and also climbing and zip equipment if he needed to make an escape.

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    Re: In the Shadow of Imperator: From the Ashes Rise

    Diego Gonzalez
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    The person on the roof was disconcerting. If they were spotted going onto the roof it would infinitely complicate the next steps that relied on surprise. Plus, it would eliminate their escape route. In a low voice, he spoke to the others. "We need to secure the roof. We lose that we lose our escape and entry. I might be able to get a shot in, but I may be heard. In any case, we need to have some diversion prepared. You know this area well Alonzo. Is there a place we can put a small charge to make a big impact that will divert Stronghold if needed?", inquires Diego of the others.

    At the same time, he hoped to zero in on the figure for any clues. Was it a guard, someone smoking a fag, or something else? Killing a guard would give him little guilt if needed. Anyone else might complicate things. "How are you with zip lining onto a building and quickly subduing someone?", inquires Diego while whispering in Hitoris direction. After he spoke, he kept one ear open while aiming his night vision scope on the figure.

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    to get details on the person mentioned with night vision scope/binocular gear he brought.

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    Re: In the Shadow of Imperator: From the Ashes Rise

    Once on the rooftop Alonzo had faded into the background, behind everyone else. Almost as though he were adverse tot he view their height advantage gave them over the once magnificent city.

    "Explosions in general draw attention. Dropping an explosive into an alleyway enough, or are you looking for something specifically?"

    With the night vision scope up to his eye, and Hitori pointing Diego to the figure that he had seen, Diego finds what he is looking for. There is a man of average height and build with a blading head of hair. He paces about in a slothful manner while looking out over the roof. In one hand he holds a lit cigarette, which he takes long draws from, which he holds before exhaling in slow streams from his nose. During one of the man's back and forth walks Diego catches sight of a small reflective dome, about the side of a soft ball, over the door leading down to the stairway into the building proper.
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    Hitori Zanzo

    "There is also that." Hitori says pointing at the round shiny object. "Likely a camera." he adds. "I can try to shoot the zip line, haven't done it before, but I guess this is as good a first time as any."
    Waiting until Diego finishes spotting at the other rooftop, Hitori studies the grapple gun. "If we can wait for the person in the roof to return to whatever it was doing before, I still think planting explosives somewhere else could draw attention elsewhere and help us a great deal." he offers
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