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Thread: Worth counting as a full-fledged Limitation or only a Quirk?

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    Worth counting as a full-fledged Limitation or only a Quirk?

    Recently, I had the privilege of Jabroniville (who is an AMAZINGLY prolific build poster) give me feedback on a few character builds, and there is one I would like to throw open for discussion:

    Do surprise attacks come up often enough in combat as a rule to justify a -1/rank limitation for a defensive power? e.g., if a character has Immunity to Bludgeoning damage, but needed to be aware of the incoming attack, and so was vulnerable to rear attacks (say, from a foe with Move Object or the Indirect extra) or unseen/concealed opponents? Or have you found these to be rare enough to reduce it to, say, a -2 pp Quirk. Or even disallow entirely it for a PC hero?

    Anyone have a character with a similar trait? Or GMed a campaign and had players submit heroes with a similar flaw?

    All my best.

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    Re: Worth counting as a full-fledged Limitation or only a Quirk?

    For having to be aware of the attack, I would generally count it as a -1/rank flaw.

    You have at a minimum the following scenarios where the power would not work:
    1) Indirect attacks (at least some of the time, primarily with the attack coming from behind, but possibly from above/below)
    2) Opponents the defender can't detect. You mentioned invisible, but also remember that this applies potentially to any attacker at far enough range or with high enough stealth through either skills or powers.
    3) If the defender is blinded/deafened/etc. and can't detect the attack coming
    4) If the defender is unconscious

    The other thing in play is that when a player puts major limitations on powers, they are basically offering a contract to the GM saying "I want this to come up, and I know my power will be useless in that situation. I'm OK with that, even if I don't get a HP for it." The GM should not ignore those limitations. This doesn't mean slam the player with it every battle, but if it rarely comes up, then it isn't really a limitation.
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