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Thread: Tiring, continuous and containers...

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    Tiring, continuous and containers...

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    Re: Tiring, continuous and containers...

    Quote Originally Posted by jamecloud View Post
    I wanted to make a character that can shapechange with great difficulty. If I make shapechange continuous and tiring would I just be permanently fatigued or only when initially changing form? The same question applies to distracting. I envisioned a character for whom shapechange is quite horrible and really hard work flaw tiring. Flaw side-effect nauseate and (intense pain) and the character cannot do anything else while shapechanging (flaw distracting).However, once he has changed and recovered from the effort of changing, he is no longer in pain. If within the shapechange container he has heal, self only and he tried to use it on himself, would he have to deal with the pain, distraction and fatigue all over again?
    I am assuming from your use of the terms "container" and "side-effect nauseate" that you are using the 2nd Edition Ultimate Power rules, since those terms don't appear in any of the other books, so you're talking about Shapeshift.

    By default, Shapeshift is Sustained Duration and requires a Move Action to shift traits around, all for a cost of 8p/lvl. Changing Duration from Sustained to Continuous is a +1 Extra, for 9p/lvl. So far, so good, if crazy expensive. You obviously want to lower that cost with Flaws, which is completely reasonable.

    Tiring is a good Flaw. It would require that the Shifter take a level of Fatigue every time they change (ie use the Shapeshift power), not while they are maintaining one form. You would still need to recover from fatigue normally or with Hero Points, but you couldn't make several changes in a short time without possibly knocking yourself out.

    Side Effect is always an interesting idea, and making it Always occur for a -2 Flaw is tempting. Keep in mind that the side effect is supposed to be about as powerful as the Power it is modifying, so a 24-point Shapeshift (which is relatively small) would inflict a Level 12 Nauseate every time you shifted traits. A generous GM may allow the Nauseate to only be equal to the number of points shifted. Example: Shifter wants to turn their hand into a sword, shifting over 4 points (Strike 3 + Improved Critical) and rolling to resist Nauseate Level 2 (and still taking 1 level of Fatigue).

    Distracting is trickier to resolve. The book specifically states that you lose your Dodge bonus any round a Distracting power is "used or maintained," which sounds like it should be in effect the whole time. This feels a little extreme, although getting the Flaw for only losing dodge for the one turn you shift is definitely too soft. If I were GM, I'd probably want the dodge penalty to last as long as some of the other effects, like Fatigue or Nauseate.

    Having Healing as part of the shifted traits should not trigger all of those effects unless you had to shift points that round to make Healing. That said, using shifted Healing to minimize the effects of the Flaws is kinda cheesy; I'm not sure if it effectively games the system since I haven't used 2nd Edition in a long time and 2e Healing is such a snakepit of complexity compared to 3rd Ed, but at the very least it seems like the Healing should be outside the Shapeshift container if it exists at all, IMHO.

    I do have some suggestions on alternate ways to build this:

    - All Increased Action, the rest is Flavour: You can simply make the transformation take longer with the descriptor that it's a painful process, but has no lasting side effects. With a default Action of Move, it's a -2 Flaw to make the Shift take a Full Round, so all actions that round are taken up with transformation and no attack or movement is possible. With GM permission you could even make it last several rounds; 5 rounds would be 2 steps up the chart for a full -4 Flaw, equal to what you seemed to be aiming for above. This has the advantage of being simple to resolve with no rolling necessary, although it does make mid-combat transformations a bad idea (but then again, so did your original idea). Additional Drawbacks could be things like Howling in Pain or Blinded to Surroundings for the length of the Shift Action.

    - Some Increased Action, Some Lasting Effects: I personally like the Side Effect: Nausea Flaw, particularly scaling it to point usage (clear with your GM), so combining that with Full Round Action would also get you to -4 Flaw.
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