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Thread: Young Hero initiative: Full of Sound and Fury

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    Re: Young Hero initiative: Full of Sound and Fury

    "I'm CJ," CJ says. "I wasn't aware there was a need for allies."

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    Re: Young Hero initiative: Full of Sound and Fury


    "Depends on the society and species for that matter. For some, I'd wager ally is equivalent to friend." she said brightly as she shook his hand, once again bouncing and forgetting to land. "Name's Helena." she smiled. "And you can never have too many friends."
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    Re: Young Hero initiative: Full of Sound and Fury

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    M'Orzz looks confused for a moment.

    "Helloooo Matthew !

    "I didn't mean it that way! I meant he'd be a solid to have your back if you ever needed it. Klingons aren`t known for being the most friendly types, but they`re super honorable."

    He seems oblivious to Diana`s look, either that or ignoring it. He is definitely interested in the tendrils that make up Samson though. If at any point he shakes hands or the like with Diana, you'll note he hesitates just a little. And then seems a little relieved, hiding it all behind a huge smile.

    "Nice to meet you CJ."
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    Note to self, get Bruce and his Bat-force to take this one.
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    Re: Young Hero initiative: Full of Sound and Fury

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    Though he had somehow managed to migrate towards the very back of the gathering, he considered moving up and introducing himself. With the way evwryone was crowding around both the transfers and the overly friendly green-teen that notion was quickly dismissed. Instead, hands in pockets and face partly hidden by the oversized collar Ryou just observed them with his piercing eyes. Helena and he may have only met yesterday, but he had the feeling that any momment now she'd extend the same invitation to check out that viewing area to him.
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