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Thread: In the Shadow of Imperator

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    Re: In the Shadow of Imperator

    I'm up for moving as well if the result is a smooth experience. I don't hold too much attachment to these forums and this game is the main reason I'm here.
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    Re: In the Shadow of Imperator

    Quote Originally Posted by Sakuro View Post
    Supernaturalist, the next three days are going to be Dr. Sokolov running Iona through her paces, which will also serve as a means for her to test her limitations (mental, physical, powers, etc.) in a safe lab environment. If you want we can play out a snippet of that but it is going to be pretty uneventful, and Dr. Sokolov is not going to be particularly social beyond the testing. A montage style post may be best.

    MrDent, a bit like Iona's situation, Diego's recovery isn't going to be all that exciting. Sander will end up being his only visitor while he lays in bed. Realistically, Diego's recovery would take months before he is able to be up and walking again. So in his mind, he should see himself as pretty screwed for the near future.

    I would like to wrap up the interludes soon, and progressing the main story a little more. After the scene with Hitroi and Alex, assuming no one takes action to derail things, I will provide narrative to merge the divided PC groups back together onto the same path again.
    I posted last night, but the forum once again was "full"; and my post was lost. Sakuro, I'm perfectly fine with skipping the RP of the training.

    As for switching forums..I'm torn. We have a lot of posts here and I'm not sure how easy it will be to transfer things. I like this forum overall, but the strange technical problems are annoying. I'm neutral on the forum change with a slight leaning towards not changing. So, I guess I'd have to say "no"'. But if everyone else wants to go, then Ill happily move to Echoes of the Multiverse.
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    Re: In the Shadow of Imperator

    Counting the votes over at EotM, the count shows a favor for moving. Let's begin posting over there for our IC and OOC needs. That said, I will be saving the links to our threads from Ronin Army. What we have written on this forum won't just disappear and can still be reread.
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