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Thread: In the Shadow of Imperator

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    Re: In the Shadow of Imperator

    My intent is not to call you out for not posting. I understand life happens. When I get the feeling that is happening with someone I will try to nudge things along to keep the game going. Especially when it comes to one PC relaying information that I've given them from a roll or something simple. Post when you can Evolución.

    If you get the feeling you might have some trouble posting during combat situations, try to let me know. You can give me instructions for your character ahead of time, I can make your character act last to buy you time … things like that.
    Roll Call thread: Character Cache

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    Re: In the Shadow of Imperator

    I got caught up with Daredevil today. I meant to watch the first two or three episodes and get some posting in, but yeah 2 or 3 has turned into a full blown binge of the season. Should get a post up in a few hours though.

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