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Thread: Quickness as Entropy

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    Quickness as Entropy

    First, first post, so if I've made any errors, do let me know.

    So, I'm toying around with a super with luck/entropy powers. I like the idea of them being able to break down any material around them, but I also like the idea of things suddenly breaking down as well. My thought was to do it something like this:

    Quickness X, Only Physical Actions, Limited: Only taking things apart, Extra: Increased range (10 feet)

    Basically, when this power gets used, the super themselves doesn't actually move, but, for rules purposes, something they can physically disassemble that is within ten feet falls apart into it's component pieces, with enough ranks, in a matter of seconds. Does this work?


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    Re: Quickness as Entropy

    That should mostly work, though I'll note that if you want +5ft range you'll looking for the Reach Extra instead of the Increased Range Extra. And that your GM may or may tell you that Quickness is Personal range so you can't put Reach on it.
    I'd also note that your GM may or may not agree with you on when you can make dismantlement checks as Routine and thus qualify for Quickness. Make sure you talk things over with them before finalizing the character, you don't want an unpleasant and unexpected ruling.

    Another option for dismantlement might be Transform, in a 2PP/R "Assembled to Disassembled" form. Crank it up to Continuous duration so things don't spontaneously reassemble themselves (or down to Instant if the GM will allow it) and you'll have a reliable combat-worthy ability, albeit possible more expensive.

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    Re: Quickness as Entropy

    This... may not work the way you want it to, and is probably not a good way to do what you want. It is reliant on your own physical skills and abilities, and available tools. It won't destroy an object you couldn't destroy naturally. It would be much better to use Transform, Weakness, and/or Damage to do what you want.

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    Re: Quickness as Entropy

    That depends on what you actually want. Using Quickness means the power is usable only on unattended objects (so you cannot target an opponent's equipment), since this effect works with routine actions only. (Also, "Limited to disassembling objects" is IMHO a -2/rank flaw, so you get 3 ranks of Quickness per point.)
    If that's ok for you, then I'd suggest this:
    Close Range Move Object X (Limited to disassembling objects [-2], Precise, Reach 1, Subtle) +Linked Quickness X (Limited to disassembling objects [-2], Limited to move object)

    But if you want to use it as combat power (dismantling your foe's stuff), then a Transform effect is the proper solution, just as Nunya said.

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