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Thread: Hotel Transylvania?

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    Re: Hotel Transylvania?

    Quote Originally Posted by Abe ray View Post
    He is a dj primarily, his primary skill is expertise:dj he’ a tad wimpy(skinny) a better perspective than normal (he knows the his wife,mavis is a vampire) Dracula is his father-in-law. He deafened van helsing’s musically controlled kraken via various songs(with dracula’s Help,he provided the power) the humans name is (I think)Kevin
    Great, so his Strength and/or Stamina are probably a bit below 0, his Awareness is likely a bit above, and every other attribute is at 0.
    If he's a good DJ, his bonus to that should be in the 5-7 range. If he's really good, 7-10 or even higher. If he sorta sucks, 4 or lower. If there's any other skills you feel he needs, that's a good guideline for how high to put the bonus.

    Next is Advantages. Look at the list, see if there's anything that seems like he'd have it.
    Likewise, Equipment. On a normal day, what's he carrying?

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    Re: Hotel Transylvania?

    Beginners luck for advantages,maybe enhanced skill (expertise:dj)?
    Dj equipment (obviously) as he carries it around with him everywhere, as it’s explained in hotel Transylvania 3 & backpack.
    Also I meant to say that Dracula supplied the power, sorry for any confusion from me.

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