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In my group, adapting those changes would be very problematic. Several players have carefully min-maxed their characters for combat and have nigh impenetrable Def values, pumping their Dexterity for Initiative and Defense.

If I should give them houserules for beefing up their Def even more, my poor NPCs are in more trouble than they already are.
Hasn't really been an issue at our table, although we do play with D-AGE rules. Also, I haven't made an adversary who focuses on Defense. I've used them for several types of elite soldier encounters - it did make provide a noticeable difficulty increase.

To your specific issue, my players tend to focus on offense.

The specialized Armor Training Talent might prove useful, although the PCs overcame an AR 10 Charnel Knight quite easily with a barrage of Mighty Blow and Lethal Blow stunts.
My Armour Training lowered the penalty incrementally instead of all at once. It also increased AR -- I use a higher dice base, so it came in handy.

The one thing I'd say for both of my methods is that it allows for easy variation. Conscripts no focuses, trained soldiers the defensive focus, elite defensive and AR focuses. Players that build defensively might throw a wrench in that method.