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Thread: Help me name my Hero

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    Help me name my Hero

    Ok new to M&M but not role playing. Im creating a character for my friends street level campaign. (Think Defenders, not Avengers) The character is a Batman style hero, he was a rather accomplished inventor, during a home invasion he lost his wife, and took a bullet to the spin crippling him from the waste down.

    He has used his know how to create a mid level type power suit to allow him the ability to walk. So hes kind of Batman mixed with Ironman. Suit no as complex as Ironman, but more suit than spandex. He lurks in the shadows, wears a cape and cowl, and depends on gadgets and fighting ability. But as the topic title says, I need help with a name.

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    Aside from your characters concept, his personality plays a big role in what he'd call himself.

    Is he more focused on science? Then maybe he'd be called something like TechKnight.

    Is he out for two-fisted justice? Crusader, Cyber Sentry, the Watchguard.

    Is he primarily about stealth, putting forth the idea that his tech based powers are in some way preternatural? He could be called the Ghost, or Spectre, or (if you wanna retcon one of Pulp's greatest legends out in your campaign world), The Shadow.
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    Re: Help me name my Hero

    If he's the type who wants to put a fright into criminals (high Intimidation, like Batman), I'd call him Jack-in-Irons, after the fearsome ogre/giant of legend.

    More a guardian of the common people, vigilant against further violence in his community/city? Consider names like Watchfire or The Pointman.

    Emphasizes his technical abilities, and the protection afforded by his armor? Steeljacket.

    And of course all of Arthur Eld's are equally good as well.

    All my best.

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    Re: Help me name my Hero

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