Hello everybody

I read that the basic test in Icons are : Effort (Acting Ability + d6) Difficulty (Opposing Ability + d6) = Outcome

So X (prowess 5) want to punch Y (coordination 6) the test is

Effort (5 + d6) Difficulty (6 + d6) = Outcome

I read several times yesterday and today and it seems than when the Difficulty is a fixed number, that work the same way.

So X (Intellect 4) wants to disarm a bomb (Difficulty 5), the test is

Effort (4 + d6) Difficulty (5 + d6) = Outcome, correct ?

But for Initiative I am a bit puzzled

the rules says it is a coordination difficulty 0 test

so it should be : Effort (Acting Ability + d6) Difficulty (0 + d6) = Outcome

But, in the examples given in the book, no d6 is added to 0 each time, it works like D&D, players and NPC add just 1d6 to their Coordination and that's all.

So is this a kind of exception ?

Thanks for your answers