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Thread: minimum Determination

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    minimum Determination


    A question about minimum Determination

    Page 38 of Icons Assembled : "A hero’s minimum Determination level is 1, regardless of the number of powers the hero may have"

    But in the Achievement Optional rules

    page 184 : "Each achievement allows the players to apply a corresponding change to their heroes. Changes that require reducing Determination level can reduce it as low as 0, but no lower. A character with Determination 0 does not gain Determination at the start of a new issue, only earning it in play, and characters with Determination level 0 cannot apply changes that reduce
    Determination level until they have first increased it (via a major change) to 1 or more."

    Is this an error ?
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    Re: minimum Determination

    I read that as "Minimum DS determination is 1...unless this optional rule is in play."

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    Re: minimum Determination

    Ditto. Determination is a wonderful little player-edit piece, but in certain circumstances, I can see how the GM would be convinced to let matters express themselves "as the dice roll." Especially with characters who already have your basic crapload of high Abilities, Specialties, Powers and Qualities to fit the situation.

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