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Thread: H.E.R.O. Registration! Get the card before you hit the streets!

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    H.E.R.O. Registration! Get the card before you hit the streets!

    I am going to be running a less than serious/slightly campy M&M game in a world that actively supports/endorses supers and their activities. They can be mega celebrities on par with pro athletes, rock stars, and the hollywood elite. They influence fashion, entertainment, and even to a degree legislation and education. As such there is also an entire subclass of wanna-bes and posers. For every high school kid that has dreams of being a pro athlete, there are others that dream of "going super."

    Enter H.E.R.O. the Homeland Exceptional Resource Organization. A joint government and civilian group formed to mentor, classify, train, and oversee heros in America. Getting your certification requires at minimum 40 hours testing and training, as well as 12 hours annual recertification. H.E.R.O. will also assist in finding sidekick assignments for minors as well as supergroup formation and placements for those who are seeking them. Their extensive database also helps match specific powers to specific needs and crises. On the civilian side they can help find agents, corporate sponsorships, merchandising opportunities, establish personal branding, and file copyrights for hero names, catchphrases and insignia through H.E.R.O. while still maintaining secret identities.

    What I need to hash out are individual classifications and subclassifications for the H.E.R.O. issued ID cards. With levels going from "colorfully dressed first responders" all the way up to "oh, thank God they are on our side" as well as things like: Class C Explosives certified, Master Infiltrator, Level 3 Negotiator, First Aid and CPR, X-Class Custom Vehicle License, and so on.

    Any ideas or pre-existing resources?

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    Re: H.E.R.O. Registration! Get the card before you hit the streets!

    I can recommend the manga/anime One-Punch Man for some inspiration (both for H.E.R.O. and campy heroics in general). Heroes are standardized by the Hero Association, which places every single member into a weight class of sorts (S-A-B-C), and every class is also ranked internally so there's someone known as the "#1 B-Class Hero" for instance. S-Class heroes are your Avengers or Justice League equivalents with clearly superhuman powers, martial arts or tech, whereas C-Class is just mildly athletic people with maybe a bit of equipment - the vast majority of heroes don't have actual superpowers. The Hero Association evaluates their performance and adjusts their ranking as necessary, and anyone can climb higher if they just do well enough. You could perhaps include something like D-Class for random non-combatant staff.

    Monsters and other villains have a somewhat similar but less standardized ranking. It's usually based on first impressions and serves as the basis for what heroes to send, so some foes may end up being stronger than initially expected. The monster ranking goes Wolf, Tiger, Demon, Dragon, God and escalates pretty quickly, but you'd probably want your own terms for those ranks.

    This system doesn't really have any subcategories of the type you mention, but if you want to include more specific skills, you could rank them all separately and base the hero's overall rank on their highest one or something? This might lead to oddities like really high-ranking heroes who are actually terrible at combat, but maybe that's a thing you want.

    As for what words to use, it obviously depends on what kind of tone you want. Something like Novice-Apprentice-Adept-Expert-Master has sorta fantasy tone to it, like Skyrim (which I copied it from) or some anime, but it's pretty evocative and easy to say. A letter-based rank may kinda remind people of school grading, for better or worse. If you don't specifically want to invoke something like that, I might go for 5th-4th-3th-2nd-1st-X or something.

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