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Thread: [3e IC] Pirates of the Terminus: Meetup

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    Re: [3e IC] Pirates of the Terminus: Meetup


    Treylin nods as he looks at the others.

    Winning could be more disruptive than anything else we planned, but we could find ourselves being challenged by everyone else. Almost winning could be nearly as disruptive without the risk of everyone else wanting to fight us. If we almost win, then everyone else will want to challenge them as well."

    Of course, almost winning would be harder to achieve than actually winning.

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    Re: [3e IC] Pirates of the Terminus: Meetup

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    "All at once" Kali responds. "And with everything we have. "Win or lose, we can do something with the results. Even spread the rumor that one of them might lose their position if they don't prove their strength enough. Or should."

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