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Thread: RPGA Freeport modules?

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    RPGA Freeport modules?

    I'm thinking about starting a 5E Freeport campaign and while I was reading some old threads on the original trilogy, I saw mention of some Freeport modules that I wasn't familiar with, specifically "All That Glitters" and "Cast Upon Tides of Weal and Woe".

    Is anyone familiar with these? I guess they were part of the RPGA. Are these available anywhere? My normally strong Google-fu is coming up short. Thanks!

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    Re: RPGA Freeport modules?

    The answer is: those were not our products. We allowed Arcanis ( ) to set Freeport on their world, also. They invested heavily in an organized campaign play ( ) and they ran a bunch of adventures at Origins and Gen Con. Some of those adventures involved Freeport. Those adventures were never Green Ronin products, and we have no idea if they are available anywhere.

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