Fast Grab may be less powerful than it was in 2e, but it's still basically a Cumulative Affliction with Limited Degree, Extra Condition, and some custom extra that forces the enemy to spend actions to attempt to overcome it. On top of whatever your unarmed was doing. For two PP. It's pretty stupid.
If you don't believe me, run a few fights between two characters with 10s in STR, STA, FGT. Give one Fast Grab and Improved Grab. Come back and tell me what the win-rate difference was from just 2 PP of Advantages.

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Maybe toughness isn't bought directly to avoid the fridge logic of why an ostensibly normal human could shrug off very lethal wounds?
Well sure, but that leaves the fridge logic of why an ostensibly normal human can dodge lasers or shrug off very lethal poisons.

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I... have only personally seen improved trip used once and it wasn't really to any game-breaking effect. Different experience with it I guess.
It's not that bad, but it's head and shoulders above the other Improved Maneuvers.

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I don't know if I agree. I think Accurate and Close Combat/Ranged Combat only apply to very specific attack types. Can you just take Ranged Combat: Guns, or is it something more specific like Ranged Attack: Pistols?
Doesn't matter, since the player can put Accurate on their powers or have exactly one type of attack. For example, Ranged Combat: Fire Control is all a pyrokinetic will need.
It's a blatant case of concept superiority, where a poor concept makes you pay double, triple, or even quadruple for the same benefit. Guy with a weapon for every situation is a fun concept, but why does it have to pay double for to-hit compared to Magic-Laser-Eye Man?