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Thread: Let's Play Darksprint*!

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    Let's Play Darksprint*!

    (Darksprint is a placeholder for the name of another game which, for probably IP and trademark reasons shall remain unnamed. Hint: It rhymes with Shallowfun)

    This seems like a relatively simple idea - just need to blend Races and perhaps a few other ideas from FantasyAge into ModernAge. Has anyone taken a crack at this? Do races simply replace Backgrounds in ModernAge, or perhaps just use the base racial character modifications, but then roll for benefits on either Race benefits or ModernAge background benefits, player's choice?

    For example, a Darksprinter Elf would get the typical elf benefits: +1 to Dex, Natural Lore or Perception ability focus, Dark Sight...etc. For benefits, the player could then roll on Elf Benefits on pg. 12 of FantasyAge, or choose a background (Academic, Aristocratic, etc) and roll twice on that table.

    Just spitballing here. I want to make sure that ModernAge Darksprint characters get the right balance of starting ability modifiers, foci, weapon groups, etc.

    What other considerations should I make?

    EDIT: I can see on pg 166 of ModernAge, there's a blurb about Urban Fantasy describing more or less what I'm proposing.
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    Re: Let's Play Darksprint*!

    For the M-AGE game I am doing with the beastfolk and humans alongside each other, I use the entire beastfolk face from the companion, and the regular background rules for the humans. So the beastfolk doesn't start with as many talents, but more focuses.

    We haven't noticed an issue with balance doing this

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    Re: Let's Play Darksprint*!

    So perhaps a Noir Dash(iell Hammett)?

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