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What I did the last time I made a character like this, I built the character as a robot body and gave them a mind control ability that had the side effect of leaving the robot body incapacitated. I also gave them a Dimensional Movement abiltiy that sent them into cyberspace (leaving the robot body incapacitated), and assumed their cyberspace body had the same stats as the robot body. If I was using multiple robot bodies I'd probably do a metamorph setup myself.
We are planning on costing the extra bodies out as Metamorph does (i.e. one point per "form") but typically Metamorph assumes instant shape shift from form to form. We are definitely assuming that when a body is on a planet, shifting forms is going to require the new body to be "brought down" to the planet by some means. We haven't decided if we are going to have Star Trek like "transporters" or not. While on the ship, the AI will have a much quicker "download" time into a new body where ever it happens to be on the ship. Then the new body may have to walk/run through the ship to get to the battle that destroyed the last body.

Also, remember that some other "Alternate Powers" will not be 'pre defined alternate bodies' per se, but the abilities to: 1) control machines that are linked to a computer/network, 2) "teleport" along data lines/transmissions, 3) spy on and wreak havok with computer systems, etc. Each alternate body, or set of powers costs one point.

We are definitely trying to keep the first few "episodes" a bit simpler. Mostly focusing on "Picking a body for today's mission" rather than a lot of "morphing". The biggest thing we think is likely to happen would be moving into an encountered computer or robot, and then back to the original mission body, or maybe "teleporting" back to the ship, via radio signal download when the shuttle is destroyed etc.

You bring up a good point about "Cyberspace". We hadn't thought of that. We were mostly focused on "hacking" like any other character would with the Technology skill, and perhaps "teleporting" to distant computers via a communications network, and assuming a "body" at the destination, or just doing recon via sensors etc. Actual cyberspace or "Matrix" like battles that occur completely inside a computer core were not something we had contemplated yet. Thanks!