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Thread: Ghost Town: First Frights (IC)

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    Re: Ghost Town: First Frights (IC)

    Brimstone, the Devil Spawn
    Hero Points: 1
    Condition: Fatigued.

    He held himself on the flight over, concerned with the coming confrontation. The Tower certainly didn't want to be seen as being biased toward the Hekawi peoples or their religious practices, however, there may be some sort of an extremist group within the tribe and that could cause an issue for the team, especially if they had access to ritual magic and a relic of unknown power.

    The set up wasn't ideal, and Brimstone felt bad that he would be unable to provide much air support for either Neutron or Titan, but hopefully he'd be able to prevent any rifleman from taking aim at them. Something at the very least. As the craft hovered over the surface of the water, he nodded towards Titan as she gave them a very accurate description of the situation, he looked at Rose, then towards the back of the VTOL door. He dropped to the water, and moved ashore.

    Since a confrontation of some sort was imminent, he had removed the bulky, concealing coat, hoodie and ball cap, instead opting for the microweave fiber pants the Tower had developed that could resist the extreme temperatures his body gave off when covered in hellfire. It provided him with greater flexibility and movement, something he used to his advantage as he closed on the perimeter guards. Moving tree to tree, staying low to the brush, his smoldering eyes looking out of the shadows scanning his environs.

    OOC: Quick question, would I have had an opportunity to clear the Fatigue by resting on the plane ride over to Angel Island?
    Not a deal breaker by any stretch, just curious. Ok, stealth check! Stealth Check: Angel Island Approach: 1D20+10 = [13]+10 = 23 Not a 20, but good enough to keep up with Rose so hopefully we're not spotted. By the way, nice check Neutron, we got 'em looking your way! YAY Teamwork!

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    Re: Ghost Town: First Frights (IC)


    As Neutron makes his way through the forest, he finds himself suddenly face to face with a large blackbird perched on a low branch. The bird panics and flees as a dark shape swoops low over the treetops, the flap of wings receding as the bird-man above squawks in alarm and turns to fly away back towards the ritual site. Neutron has been spotted!
    His dismay is interrupted by the sound of footsteps and a loud whisper. "Wait, wait!" As the figure walks out of the dark woods, his identity becomes obvious. "Hey! Neutron, yeah? I'm with the museum!" The young Hekawi man is wearing a security guard's uniform and nervously looking around as he clutches his taser. "My car broke down as I was heading to work, but I spotted the statue thieves and managed to follow them here. I'm Hekawi too so they think I'm one of them, I can get you and any of your buddies who came along right up next to them before they suspect a thing.", he lies. "So, did you come here alone?"

    Meanwhile, Brimstone and Morningstar make their way towards the center of the island from a different path. They have a bad feeling when the cryptids circling above begin to break from their methodical circles, but both are sure it couldn't have been a result of them being spotted.

    Avian Warriors - Perception check: 1D20+6 = [5]+6 = 11
    John Deer - Perception check: 1D20+3 = [8]+3 = 11
    Neutron doesn't need to make any check to tell John is lying. If Neutron wants to lie to John, John will have the -5 "wants to believe you" penalty so long as Neutron's lies make it look like John fooled him. Note that Neutron using his commlink will require he either spin a convincing excuse or admit he's got (at least one) ally he's talking to.
    Brimstone resting off his fatigue on the plane ride over sounds reasonable.

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    Re: Ghost Town: First Frights (IC)

    Yeah right, buddy. Next you'll be telling me that you're the President of the United States. Neutron remained calm and his face was expressionless though he felt like laughing. Did Deer really expect him to believe such a ridiculous story? At least he inadvertently admitted that the statue was indeed here and Deer and the others performing the ritual were yet not aware that the rest of Neutron's companions had already arrived on the island with him.

    "Of course not." Neutron said cautiously, keeping a close eye on Deer's taser. "I've flown on ahead on my own for aerial reconnaissance. Another member of the team who is incapable of flight is piloting our special jet which be arriving to the island shortly. Should be landing near here in about ten minutes or so. As for the others, i really can't say for certain when they will be showing up. In their last transmission just before i've landed here, they informed me they might be delayed, still being tied up at the festival in the mainland.

    But time is of the essence and we can't wait around for ten minutes for my friend even though a big jet attempting a landing shouldn't be hard to miss, can you take me close enough without being seen by the others? Also in the meantime, can you tell me anything at all about this ritual?"

    Thank God for auto pilots!

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