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Thread: Anybody interested in helping me brainstorm?

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    Anybody interested in helping me brainstorm?

    So, right now, I'm looking to make a solo campaign with a friend of mine. Normally I don't run solo campaigns, but at the moment have nobody else to play with.

    My thoughts are on a Green Lantern/Nova Corps type character (possessing a highly powerful quasi-mystic/sci-fantasy artifact) but I want to shake it up a bit. I want to do a bit of a cross with the concept behind Exiles as well, so the character will be traveling through time and space, across parallel worlds, dealing with the unknown at every turn... I just can't quite figure out the hook to the story. I'm not sure if I want the character to be a member of a large force like the GL/Nova Corps, or the torchbearer to a group that was destroyed, like Kyle Rayner.

    Also, for the settings, characters, and threats, would purchasing the cosmic handbook be helpful?

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    Re: Anybody interested in helping me brainstorm?

    If you are looking for ideas then I recommend stealing whatever sounds/feels good, time travel have been a focus in many rpg's, video games, and cartoons. Find out as much as you can then take whatever you think works.

    Looking for different parallel worlds? The Cosmic handbook is a great start. Otherwise I would recommend choosing a setting or idea you like and explaining it. Love Samurai movies? In one universe samurai never fell from favor, research why they ended and come up with an excuse why it would not end. Still cannot find ideas? Google DC multiverse, DC elseworlds, Marvel What if? or alternate universe ideas.

    So long as you are not trying to sell this then steal whatever you like and change it to make it yours.

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