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Thread: Task Force Delta (Setting and Lore page Page)

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    Task Force Delta (Setting and Lore page Page)

    This is the setting and Lore page for the Task Force Delta game i am running.
    The Gangs
    Freedom City has a surprisingly large amount of gangs in it. This is a list of every gang on Ajax's radar right now. Expect more updates as Ajax personnel gather more information.
    The Warlockz are a gang in Freedom City. This gang,is easily recognizable by their symbol, which is a image of a evil sorcerer with red eyes casting a spell, this image also appears on their red bomber jackets, which is something all their members wear. This gang specializes in extortion, drugs and arms dealing, robbery, and racketeering. They claim Southside as their turf.

    The Asura's are a street gang mostly consisted of Hindus and Caucasians. Based in The Fens, this gang specializes in the drug trade, smuggling and selling bootleg gift cards, prescriptions, movies, and other illicit goods. This gang also has a passion for street graffiti, which was one of the reasons it was founded. However, they seemed to have gone down a more sinsiter path after a new mysterious leader came in with criminal connections to syndicates in India. Their infamous logo is that of a Asura, a Hindu deity that is the opposite of the Deva's, which not only occupies their graffiti, but on the clothing they wear too, which mostly consists of a black t-shirt and blue jeans.

    The Executioners are one of the most feared gangs in Freedom City. Based in Ashton, this gang has a reputation of brutalizing, disfiguring, and flat-out decapitating those who oppose them. This gang specializes in racketeering, extortion, and, most notoriously, car theft. They are rumored to have a series of chop shops all over Freedom City, which they take to be chopped for parts, shipped over seas, and other fates. The Executioners themselves tend to wear white t-shirts, black vests, and black biker pants. The vests of course, sports there logo, a executioners hood.

    Asura's logo: https://fictional-battle-omniverse.w...a_Hinduism.png

    The Rustlers: The Rustlers have the distinction of being one of the only gangs from "The Silver Age" to survive. Noted for having members that dress like cowboys, The Rustlers seemed to have drifted away from their roots of cowboy-themed crime and became more serious then their predecessors. Now known for their brutality and willingness to brand their victims with an actual brand, The Rustlers now do crimes like Robbery, Drug Dealing, Illegal Gambling, Prostitution, and extortion. They are currently based in Kingston and are lead by a mysterious man calling himself "Blood-Scalp Jack" If you want more information on The Rustlers, talk to Lady Liberty, who's past incarnation has had many run-ins with this gang, she might know a few things about them.
    Rustlers Theme:
    The Tornadoes: Based in Bayview, The Tornadoes are a gang of middle class punks and trust fund babies doing gang life for fun and for quick cash. The Tornadoes have managed to stay under the radar for now, only committing petty robberies and the occasional mugging. But, it is only a matter of time before they do something to get everyone's attention.

    The Bayview Lords: Based in Bayview Heights, The Lords are the arch-rivals of The Tornadoes. The Lords, like the Tornadoes, are also made out of spoiled middle-class and upper-class punks. Unlike the Tornadoes however, The Lords have a much more vicious reputation, doing violent crimes like burglary, robbery, prostitution, drug dealing, and black marketerring. The Lords are rumored to be connected with The House of Usher, who reportedly supplies them with the best women money can buy, with a cut of the profits of course. Their gang colors are Red and White, which is reflected in their clothing, which is comprised of blue jackets, white-t shirts and red sweat pants.

    The Quasars: Based in Midtown, the Quasars are a street gang comprised of sports hooligans who are also often seen in the Theater District near the Liberty Dome. Named after Freedom City baseball player Johnny "Quasar" Rodriguez, The Quasars' have such a bad reputation that any person walking through their turf knows to take off a Jersey not belonging to any of Freedom City's sports team, or else get a savage pummeling at the hands of this gang. The Quasar's are huge fans of Freedom City's sports teams, especially The Comets and have been seen attending games that play in The Liberty Dome. This gang specializes in illegal gambling, drug dealing, extortion, car theft, and theft. A lot of these crimes are committed on game days, putting the police on high alert, especially when the game is in Freedom City
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