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Thread: Suffering from mild artists' block

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    Question Suffering from mild artists' block

    For our next session, my group and I are gonna be playing villains instead. They're a group of former Circuit Maximus/Power-House recipients who call themselves the Four Horsemen. Compared to comic-book characters, I'd say they're on par with the Wrecking Crew (but more greedy than destructive). Since they were basically wrestlers, their attire is based on their stage personas. I've been able to come up with image ideas for three of them:

    DEATH: Team leader. Gothic apparel (varies from "episode" to episode). He's actually got the Cyber enhancements instead of Max.
    WAR: The team badass (the Raphael to Death's Leonardo). Camo jacket and pants, black T-shirt.
    PLAGUE: The team smartie. Has a very luchadore look, but with green skin (a side-effect of the treatment), and the mask looks more like a gas mask.

    However, I'm stuck on Famine's (the team clown/HM Murdock) attire. I've got him pictured as a fat bastard (more Edmond Honda than Fred Dukes), but otherwise, I can't think of an outfit. Suggestions?
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    Re: Suffering from mild artists' block

    What 'bout this: A huge fat guy in a white, food-stained "southern gentleman"-suit (think Boss Hogg from the original Dukes of Hazzard). Famine wears a matching white half-mask above a huge toothy grin (either regular teeth filed to points, or even implanted metal shark-teeth).

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