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Thread: M&M 2e. How do you build a power based on barriers?

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    M&M 2e. How do you build a power based on barriers?

    I'm playing in a PL 8 campaign in M&M 2e and I wonder how would you design a power that is based on barriers with variable resistances and vulnerabilities. To give you an example, imagine a dome that covers some hostages against ice blasts from a villain. Because the barrier is designed to withstand ice related attacks, it has a vulnerability to fire attacks. On another enemy, the hero changes the barrier to a wall that it is resistant to bullets but vulnerable to slow heavy attacks (punches, for example). Thus, the idea is to have a hero that is particularly good at limiting one kind of an attack but leaving it vulnerable to other, kind of a mind game or strategy game.

    I'm trying to do it with minimal or zero homebrew. The only things I have in hands are the core rule and Ultimate Power

    My original idea was to use create object and linked it with immunity with the flaw duration:sustained and partial, extra range:ranged, and power feat: Variable descriptor. But I don't know what other extras and flaws to add and where. Much less how to add the weakness to the barrier. I thought of adding the Flaw Side-effect, but I'm lost on how.

    Is it even possible to do what I want using the rules with minimal homebrew?

    I searched the forums but I could not find anything.

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    Re: M&M 2e. How do you build a power based on barriers?

    I'd suggest buying X ranks of perfectly normal Create, stack it with Y ranks of Create with the Limited that it only increases the Toughness of the created objects and quirked to work only against a particular descriptor (chosen when used), and add a Complication that the created objects have a weakness opposed to their strength.
    So something like Create 8, stacks with Create 4 (Limited: See Above). You'd get TOU 8 against most things, get TOU 12 against one thing in particular, and get screwed by the opposite of that one thing.

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    Re: M&M 2e. How do you build a power based on barriers?

    Since it's 2E, you have the Vulnerable Drawback, which will add 1 rank, half ranks, or full ranks to attacks of a particular descriptor.

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