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Thread: Question: What power level would you say marvel vs capcom 2 is at?

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    Question: What power level would you say marvel vs capcom 2 is at?

    I ask because as of recent I've been on a bit of a fighting game stint, and I do believe that no fighting game encapsulates the bonkers fun of comics better than MVC2. That being said, my fantasies of having system-based free for all combat between superheroes on the scale of MVC2 is a bit hard to make concrete as power levels seem to be all wonky.

    For one, you've got Thanos with supers based on his infinity stones and whatnot being about on par with chun li; same for other big sluggers like blackheart or doctor doom being able to be taken on by Jill heart from Resident Evil and the like.

    Obviously, there are some tweaks to power levels inherent to all of this: either everyone has been buffed to power level 15, everyone has been nerfed to 10 or so, or somewhere in between: I'm really not sure. At this point, I'd be willing to bet maybe 13 or 14 would be an apt power level, but I figured y'all would have a better idea.

    Here's the source material:

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    Re: Question: What power level would you say marvel vs capcom 2 is at?

    Just going by on-screen behavior and how the attacks look, it could probably be anything from PL 6 to PL 15, depending on preference and how many PP you want the characters to have access to.

    (I'm suggesting the vague wide range because there's really no indication how all their attacks compare to real-world damage/toughness, since they mainly are just hitting each other. So anything in that range should do.)
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    Re: Question: What power level would you say marvel vs capcom 2 is at?

    It's probably easiest to single out one character, figure out their PL from what they do in their own series, then assume that PL is indicative of everyone.

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    Re: Question: What power level would you say marvel vs capcom 2 is at?

    I'm kind of new to M&M in general, but I'm closer to a veteran in MvC kind of games. Thus, I'm going to see it from the perspective of MvC point of view. There are 4 main categories to determine: Attack, Defense, mobility and powers... and it is going to be a very short analysis. MvC is a skill based game, thus, in order to keep it there should be very little random elements in game. Things like a D20 gives you so much randomness that it is quite impossible bound the skill in a PL range.

    Another reason why D20 would be troublesome is that a skilled player needs just few frames to turn the table. This mean that the difference between an OP and a useless character is often a matter of frames (there are way more factors than these, but it is for simplicity). In terms of PP, this frame difference would be the equivalent of decimal points. For an extreme example, in M&M 2e, where you can buy your Defense, the majority of characters with a theoretical PL10 should be 10, with the most powerful being 11 and the weakest 9. And that apply to any other category (attack, mobility, etc). This would reduce the complexity of building a character in M&M to fractional game.

    Now, just for fun, in M&M 2e. The PL that would give you the fairest approximation in terms of attack, defense and so would be PL10 but with the condition to put all defense and saves around 10 and most power DC at 20 (with the exception of toughness). This is because with a d20, it would be close to a 50-50 to land a hit. Thus, this would make a matter of positions, decide when to defend and when to attack, most important (a skill factor) than the randomness of the D20.

    But that is my humble opinion.

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