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Thread: How to build MCU Mirror Dimension powers in 3e?

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    How to build MCU Mirror Dimension powers in 3e?

    My question is pretty much just the title. I have a decent understanding of how the system works, though I haven't played many games, but I'm just stumped on this particular set of powers. If you don't know what I'm talking about/need a refresher, this fight scene has a pretty good sampling of things I'd like to be able to do. Here's another scene, but effects of this scale would probably be too expensive. Overall, I'd like to be able to mess with gravity, manipulate the environment in fractal patterns, bend space, create weird fighting environments, etc.

    I know the Environment effect could accomplish some of this, like having an area around me with decreased movement speed and maybe visibility due to the terrain twisting. Some kind of Sustained Area Move Object resisted by Dodge and limited to emulating gravity, or something like that, could take care of the gravity part, though it doesn't really make sense to me that anyone could resist gravity without escaping the power's area of effect. A Create effect, with the Movable extra and maybe limited to creating fractal copies/distortions of objects/scenery, could take care of a lot of the rest, but it seems a little clunky. And I'm not really sure how to approach things like bending buildings, twisting rooms, rearranging surroundings, and such: maybe some combination of Move Object and Transform, along with some other modifiers on the aforementioned effects, but I don't know if I can "legally" link the two, and iirc Transform has to affect entire objects, meaning I couldn't reshape a wall unless I had enough ranks to affect the entire building.

    The game will be PL 14 in a homebrew cosmic setting. To help you get a feel for the flavor of the powers I want, the character I plan to play is an immortal sorcerer who sequestered themself alone on a remote planet for thousands of years after a magically-induced paradox damaged spacetime across countless versions of reality. During this time, they learned to take advantage of the damage to reality to augment their magic, but using these abilities for too long without checking them will result in their effects spiraling out of control and causing distortion and mayhem. I'd like these powers to have pretty substantial and wide-reaching effects, paired with increasingly significant consequences the more often they're used and the longer they're in effect. This character is meant to play more of a support role: while they can hold their own in combat, they prefer to serve as a battlefield controller, advantaging their allies and hindering their opponents.

    (If this is the wrong place for this thread, I can move it or something. I haven't really been on these forums much before.)

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    Re: How to build MCU Mirror Dimension powers in 3e?

    You're really going to just have to go case-by-case. Your analysis seems to be pretty solid, so you've got a good start.
    Area Move Object works well for gravity field things, I suggest making it resisted with best of Speed/Lifting/Mass to dodge the "He dodged the gravity" issue.
    Transform has no "all or nothing" restriction that I'm aware of, I believe you can transform part of something if desired. Should be linkable with Move Object so long as the ranges match.

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    Re: How to build MCU Mirror Dimension powers in 3e?

    I also agree that you have a good start on figuring this out.

    I remind you that both in the Mirror Dimension and in this game, descriptors can be more important than the "reality" of what is apparently happening in the stories we model. I think you can forget about the Transform Power all together for large scale manipulation of the environment in these clips. Remember that even in the Dr Strange movie, real world objects are not actually being transformed, the mirror dimension is being manipulated, so there is no need to think we need to actually Transform a multi ton building. Its more like Illusion.

    I think using the Environment Power as you suggested would be suitable for anything in the first clip where building changes are really only serving to change the surfaces people are running on and slow people down or at worst trip them.

    I think your example of Move Object with "-2 Limited: only one direction" and "+1 Area" and "+1 Perception" works well for gravity shifts. I don't think you have to let those in the effect resist with Dodge, but if you do it could be explained as when the bad guys in clip one grab hold of the building ledges to avoid falling. They 'dodged' over to the window ledge fast enough. After that, the 90 degree shift of the world was finished and they were back to a "normal" relationship to gravity just on a different "wall".

    Create doesn't seem like it would have to be movable as the effect isn't really moving along with the "caster" its more being used in the second video to create barriers between Strange and his friend.

    So, I'd say this is a good list to get you started:

    First clip:

    the cracked mirror

    Environment: - Impede Movement, Sustained
    on going ripples in surfaces, rotating fractal bits on surfaces, etc.:

    Move Object: - Perception, Area, Limited: One Direction, Resistible by Dodge to grab hold or Jumping to new "Floor", or Instant Counter use of Flight etc.
    Turning the world 90 degrees.

    Trip: - Perception, Area
    Serious on demand ripples, geometry etc.

    Affliction - Third degree Paralyzed, Ranged, Area
    Trapping people in closing fractal structures

    The second clip is of course a way weirder environment. Here its far more like the entire dimension is being remade over and over.

    Move Object - Area (the moved objects are Dr Strange and friend)
    Bend a building and cause someone to "fall" to some other city surface.

    Create -
    Make one or more barriers to close off characters in small "rooms" generated from surrounding surfaces.

    Burrow -
    Tunnel through walls by folding geometry in some way

    By the way, I just looked in Power Profiles and they have some interesting Earth Powers that might help with creating chasms and such like in the second clip.

    Oh and in order to simulate your own immunity to shifting gravity and funky fractal surfaces, maybe Wall Crawling or Air Walking, if you don't outright Fly.

    Hope that helps.
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