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Thread: Advice on how to make this street gang a threat

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    Re: Advice on how to make this street gang a threat

    If you want the gang to be "named" antagonists for your campaign, I'd consider bumping up their individual PL to 4 or 5 (they're got the cash and leisure time to hit the gym) and not using the minion rules for them so things like the Takedown Advantage doesn't make for an automatic one-round KO. Also give them Advantages like Teamwork and Interpose (and maybe Inspire) and have them double or triple-up against PC heroes.

    A better solution may be a "tiered" gang, where maybe 2/3 of their numbers in any encounter are PL 3 thugs, about 1/3 are the improved PL 5 tough guys, and maybe they have one or two PL 6 or 7 leaders who can bring unique abilities to bear and make each encounter new.

    Also, don't forget that the drug trade in Freedom City includes drugs that give you super strength or super speed, and that a few chop shops can give you a cybernetic or genetic overhaul.

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    Re: Advice on how to make this street gang a threat

    Quote Originally Posted by Coolman View Post
    Thanks for the advice so far. I can see them wanting to buy supervillain weaponry eventually. I do wonder how they could get on the Freedom League's radar? Also, would it be weird to have groups like the Labyrinth hire them to do crimes for them?
    Speaking of the Labyrinth: This organization is notorious for abducting lowlifes (such as gangbangers), subjecting them to the DNAscent-process, and then setting the survivors loose again (for field-testing). Good hook for giving a street gang superpowers.
    Also part of the Freedomverse is the Powerhouse: This illegal "company" (that's also backed by, you guess, the Labyrinth) offers standardized "power-treatments" (cybernetics, genetic modification etc) to paying customers - typically criminals & supervillains in need for superpowered muscle.

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    Re: Advice on how to make this street gang a threat

    Not exactly a mechanical solution, here, but you could always tie the heroes hands a little bit by having the gang members rich and/or powerful fathers insist that no, these are just wayward kids, and that they have to go especially easy on them. Threaten them with consequences if they don't. It would take a lot of the more offensive powers off the table, make the heroes have to strategize.

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    Re: Advice on how to make this street gang a threat

    Good idea. In fact, i was thinking on making their leader's daddy a corrupt judge. You can guess how that can affect the PCs.

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