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Thread: Lazarus

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    Re: Lazarus

    I'm not a "brand manager." I'm a game developer. I worked in marketing for a few years and have no desire to do so again. Modern AGE's releases are coming along just fine, at a pace contractors and staff can sustain while keeping books at reasonable prices. The next book past Lazarus is written, edited, in the funnel. When I said "business process," don't visualize people at a table making Business Decisions based on some abstruse strategy, but just pragmatic people x time x money stuff which is not my responsibility since I am literally about the d6es you roll and why.

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    Re: Lazarus

    Thanks. Not an arbitrary decision for sure. Something along the lines of releasing the book to make money during a specific quarter time period. Which would be the business side of things. It also makes sense that companies are in it to make money. So if they were willing to say we are releasing Lazarus the 4th quarter of 2018 related to revenue for that quarter, I am fine with it. Of course that is not my business. I would like that response rather than soon per say.

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    Quote Originally Posted by witchfire View Post
    i can't wait to have my players face that rusian lazarus barbarian monstrocity
    Okay, he is nasty. Very very nasty. Got through all the graphic novels. Next month, I will buy up the individual comics to present and then set a Comixology subscription. Thanks to Green Ronin, I am watching the Expanse and reading Lazarus

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